The wound is the place where light enters you.

- Rumi


Having been unexpectedly widowed and left with a small child, Susan Bendix is familiar with grief and the standard therapies offered to aid the grieving. Using her experience as a dancer, Bendix aims to steer grief into realms of gesture that go beyond the standard talk-based approaches and provide those who work with the grieving a thoughtful, well-researched, movement-based curriculum appropriate for adults, teens, and children. 

Story and telling are embedded in gesture
Feelings are explored through shape
Line drawings map the course of loss
Keys to unlock the space left behind

Bendix hopes that her curriculum will re-invigorate what humans have instinctively understood for centuries. By adapting and integrating techniques used in choreography, improvisation, and ritual, this curriculum will be a means for the intense energy of grief to take expressive form: story and telling will be embedded in gesture; feelings will be explored through shape; and line drawings will map the course of loss that is then walked through space.

Site Specific Performance
Site Specific Performance

Performed at Northlight Gallery at Arizona State University (featured imagery by Tomiko Jones).

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 Dance intertwines the cerebral, physical and emotional; science tries to unravel the connections between these. Dance uses these inherent connections to delve deeper into our humanity, and create new ways of reflecting on the world.  - Alice Blumenfeld