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The wound is the place where light enters you.

- Rumi


Dr. Susan Bendix, is an AZ dance artist, somatic therapist and mindfulness instructor. Having been unexpectedly widowed and left with a small child, Susan Bendix is familiar with grief and the standard therapies offered to aid the grieving. Using her experience as a dancer, Bendix aims to steer grief into realms of gesture that go beyond the standard talk-based approaches and provide those who work with the grieving a thoughtful, well-researched, movement-based curriculum appropriate for adults, teens, and children. 


It is known that many struggled during this pandemic. It was isolating and painful. Many faced loss and trauma, and for some, this continues. Others wrestled with mental health. Additionally, there were charged issues around race and gender that continue to have influence. Loss and trauma have become a lingering by-product of the pandemic. For many, this has been overwhelming. 

The Moving Grief – Moving Loss program helps participants move through the complex emotions associated with loss as it facilitates self-awareness and understanding and a sense of belonging to community.


There is so much loss in our world – a seemingly endless supply. Moving Grief – Moving Loss is needed now more than ever!  In this workshop, story is embedded in gesture; feelings are explored through shape; line drawings visually map the course of loss; and ritual brings community together.



People of all ages respond beautifully to opportunities for creative self-expression. While it is not therapy, it’s widely understood that the arts are therapeutic! The arts play a vital role in our society as a way to express feelings and ideas and join with others. Utilizing dance, movement, mindfulness and centering techniques, Dr. Bendix will help participants move through their grief and loss.

Dance intertwines the cerebral, physical and emotional; science tries to unravel the connections between these. Dance uses these inherent connections to delve deeper into our humanity, and create new ways of reflecting on the world. - Alice Blumenfeld

This New workshop Moving Grief – Moving Loss offers a community-oriented way to reflect, recover and process the unusual events of this extraordinary year and a half. This program brings the opportunity to bond with others in a supportive community and grow self-awareness. There has never been a better time than now!  Check it out!!

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