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                Arts Integration Workshops build         teachers' confidence in use of creative          movement and arts in lesson planning.

          Teacher Training


Praying In Mosque
An Exploration of Writing & Movement with Children

Workshop Length: 1/2 day or Whole Day

Incorporated curriculum at Center for Academic Precocity,
ASU College of Education

Workshop Description: 

This stimulating workshop bridges physical expression with written expression.


Participants experience and understand the concept of embodied learning. This hands-on workshop integrates metaphor, written composition, and choreographic composition.

It enhances the traditional way of teaching writing; offering new connections between body and mind and speaks directly to the kinesthetic learner. 

Anatomy Drawing
Kinesiology - Structural Anatomy - Dance - Film

Workshop Length:

Whole Day

Workshop Description: 

This project blends science and art by looking at the human body through the lens of science and through the lens of art. The human body is looked at clinically through kinesiology and artistically through dance.  


Math is integral to kinesiology as it involves many forms of measurement, tracking and calculation. 

Students learn video and editing techniques as they create original Dance for Camera pieces.

Medical imaging is an integral part of medical diagnostics. 

Artists have incorporated medical imaging in their artwork in an effort to blend art and  science. Medical images plucked from their medical context and placed in an artistic one elicit very different and at times surprising meaning.

Numbers Game
An Embodied Approach to Math Education

Workshop Length:

1/2 day or Whole Day

Workshop Description:  

This workshop brings numbers to life through physical exploration.


For example: students physically experience the different types of symmetry - congruent, rotational, reflective.  The body turning in space is understood in degrees (90, 180, 270, 360). Movements become variables. They work with graphing and predictions as they create and chart movement sequences. 


Students work with patterns in detail – connecting them to nature, art, music and behavior. They work with measurement as they explore size, length, distance greater than, less than,  how many etc. Number families are experienced spatially.  Physical experience is translated to numbers on the page.

Tea Pot
Finding Focus in Body & Mind

Workshop Length:

1/2 day or Whole Day

Developed by request for inner city students. (applicable to all)

Workshop Description:  

The Art of Center is an arts-based program addressing student focus and concentration.


The curriculum draws from mindfulness practice and creative sources. It incorporates centering elements of yoga, dance, theater and creative writing and steers students toward a calm quiet center. Focus and concentration are addressed from a physical and psychological perspective and helps students manage distraction and stress.


Though emphasis is placed on the individual student, this work contributes to a cooperative classroom community.

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