Silence is essential.

We need silence

just as much as we need air,

just as much as plants need light.

If our minds are crowded

with words and thoughts,

there’s no space for us.

- Thich Nhat Hanh

Susan's ability to make mindfulness accessible and fun for kids is amazing!

- Tracey Pastor,
Principal, Loma Linda School

Drawing on years as a teaching artist and curriculum development specialist, Dr. Bendix’s program includes imaginative, creative activities that support concepts within the mindfulness curriculum. This unique approach makes the material fun and accessible to students! Dr. Bendix is a trained Mindfulness instructor with extensive experience teaching mindfulness in classrooms (and other settings).

Services Offered:  

  • Mindfulness training of staff

  • Mindfulness in the classroom 

Positive Academic Outcomes:  

  • Increased attention and focus

  • Improved grades

Enhances Social Emotional Skills: 

  • Emotion regulation

  • Increases compassion

  • Empathy and perspective-taking

  • Social skills 

Enhances Well Being: 

  • Test anxiety

  • Stress

  • Post-traumatic symptoms

  • Depression

  • Calming

Mindfulness training has positive ripple effects for all community members. Stress lies deep in the nervous system – usually out of our conscious reach.  Mindfulness offers a way to circumvent the thinking mind and directly target the nervous system where the fight – flight – freeze reaction associated with stress is found. The autonomic nervous system does not differentiate between real physical danger and psychological stress such as associated with test taking or negative emotional experiences. Mindfulness is a profound tool to help students manage stress. 

Teaching mindfulness to children helps them develop awareness of their internal and external experiences. It also helps them to recognize how emotions are expressed in their bodies and to notice when their attention has wandered off.

Susan’s creativity, patience, and insight allow children to think, explore, and grow as people and learners. I have watched her create marvelous experiences with children!    

- Tim Moore, elementary teacher, Phoenix, AZ


Teachers experience reduced stress and burnout and their schools do as well.

In randomized, controlled trials, teachers who learned mindfulness reported greater efficacy in doing their jobs and had more emotionally supportive classrooms and better classroom organization based on independent observations.


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